I believe your home is your own private sanctuary, a refuge from the rigors of life.  A place of calm.  It's the stage set on which the life of your family is played.  It's a place to live today and create memories for tomorrow.  It reflects what is uniquely you, your family, and your shared values.  My greatest joy is to come along side you to help create this special place.


Mark Lee Christopher, educated at the University of Michigan and a licensed architect for over thirty years, started his practice in La Jolla, California in 1987. Since then, the firm has excelled in creating extraordinary buildings of consistent design quality and diverse styles. Christopher’s experience, creativity, passion and ability to discern exactly what a client is looking for is what has earned him numerous awards and most importantly, the loyalty and respect of his clients. Christopher values the integrity and lasting quality of good design and is committed to creating environments that are both beautiful and a joy to experience. Mr. Christopher also serves as adjunct professor of environmental sciences at NewSchool of Architecture and Design in San Diego and is LEED certified.