Sustainability, Green Design Practices

As members of the US Green Building Council, at Sanctuary Architects, we recognize that good stewardship of the land is the underpinning of an ecologically responsible development. We take a forward position in these efforts by offering creative services and technical support founded in the principles of sustainability and responsible resource management. As architects, we can respond with designs that parallel a more substantive value system, one that fosters relationship, offers comfort, and enhances family closeness as well as community interaction.

This is a time for conservation of all kinds of resources and energy. Modesty of materials, sustainably forested building products, regional and non-toxic materials are being rediscovered for their own virtues which may exceed the values of imported exotics. Active and passive energy systems as simple as roof overhangs are again recognized as important design ingredients of individual buildings. On a larger scale, wind, solar, and geothermal resources must be evaluated.

As LEED accredited architects, our hope is that we can soon stop using the term "green" to distinguish sensible design from what came before. That may mean looking back to simpler ways and forward to products and technologies that make sense in a sustainable economy.